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95bFM Breakfast.

A selection of interviews and highlights from Breakfast (airs weekdays 6 - 9am) in MP3 format. To listen, use one of the players listed here.

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MP3 Interview with Christoph El Truento

MP3, 6m10s, 5.7MB, first broadcast 28 April 2015

We interview Christoph El Truento about his latest musical endeavours PERMALINK

MP3 Weird News with Joseph Harper

MP3, 11m08s, 10.2MB, first broadcast 28 April 2015

Weird news from across the globe, all in a neat little package for you lucky listeners at home. PERMALINK

MP3 Interview with labour leader Andrew Little

MP3, 9m41s, 8.9MB, first broadcast 28 April 2015

We talk to labour leader Andrew Little, all the way from London! PERMALINK

MP3 Loose Reads (Louse Reeds)

MP3, 9m03s, 8.3MB, first broadcast 23 April 2015

A loose read of a book about Lou Reed. We talk to Jenna from Time Out book store in Mt Eden Village and ask her about this literary account of Lou Reed's... READ MORE

MP3 Robin And Karl for the 'Please Open' Documentary Event

MP3, 7m09s, 6.6MB, first broadcast 23 April 2015

Robin And Karl talk about the upcoming documentary on Mt Eden's legendary Crystal Palace theatre PERMALINK

MP3 MP For Botany Jami-Lee Ross Interview

MP3, 7m22s, 6.7MB, first broadcast 23 April 2015

Interview with National Party MP for Botany Jami-Lee Ross PERMALINK

MP3 Vince's Vincent Street Interviews

MP3, 8m54s, 8.2MB, first broadcast 23 April 2015

This time, Vince and Max will ask the general public how they might feel about living next to a brothel PERMALINK

MP3 Jermaine Ross

MP3, 7m59s, 7.3MB, first broadcast 22 April 2015

Christchurch born comedian, Jermaine Ross, comes into to talk about comedy within racism and how turtle gags may be the answer to to tackle such a serious issue. He also talks about... READ MORE

MP3 Lawline

MP3, 15m53s, 14.5MB, first broadcast 22 April 2015

Edwin Telle of Nielson Lawyers comes in to help out with legal issues from callers. This week speeding tickets, employment rights and forced resignation are discussed, as well as, how to tell... READ MORE

MP3 Browns Town

MP3, 8m52s, 8.1MB, first broadcast 22 April 2015

Mayor Len Brown joins us over the phone to discuss what is going on in regards to the ports of Auckland, as well as the banning of cars at the top of... READ MORE

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If you've got important news, send an email to the News & Ed Director. The 95bFM News team will digest and redistribute it, enabling us to broadcast it to the world.

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Prior experience is not a prerequisite - full training will be provided if you look like you can use it. A minimum time commitment will be required of all trainees.

Please contact our News and Editorial Director on 09 309 4831 to obtain an application form.