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95bFM Breakfast.

A selection of interviews and highlights from Breakfast (airs weekdays 6 - 9am) in MP3 format. To listen, use one of the players listed here.

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MP3 PCP Eagles Live-bFM Breakfast Club

MP3, 10m41s, 9.8MB, first broadcast 29 May 2015

PCP Eagles live on bFM Breakfast club presented by NZ on Air PERMALINK

MP3 Pikachunes Live - bFM Breakfast Club

MP3, 14m43s, 13.5MB, first broadcast 29 May 2015

Pikachunes performed 2 songs from his new album and a cover of a Kimbra track live as a part of NZoA Music Presents: the 95bFM Breakfast Club PERMALINK

MP3 Political Commentary with Jennifer Curtain

MP3, 9m29s, 8.7MB, first broadcast 29 May 2015

Political Commentary with Associate Professor Jennifer Curtain - she spoke about the Green Party co-leadership and the end of Campbell Live. PERMALINK

MP3 Vince's Vincent Street Verdicts

MP3, 7m43s, 7.1MB, first broadcast 28 May 2015

Vince goes out into the street to ask the general public how they might feel about living in a house on top of a former burial site PERMALINK

MP3 Lawline with Aaron Dower

MP3, 16m32s, 15.1MB, first broadcast 27 May 2015

Aaron Dower from Neilson's Lawyers here to answer all your legal qualms and queries PERMALINK

MP3 Brown's Town w/ Deputy Mayor Penny Hulse

MP3, 9m57s, 9.1MB, first broadcast 27 May 2015

Interview with Penny Hulse in which Max and Vince discuss the newly consented SkyCity Convention Centre due to be built in the next few years PERMALINK


MP3, 9m56s, 9.1MB, first broadcast 26 May 2015

Max and Vince discuss poo-powered busses, disembodied spirits called Charlie and sex tapes in the lost and found w/ Joseph Harper. PERMALINK

MP3 Interview w/ Vince Staples

MP3, 9m56s, 9.1MB, first broadcast 26 May 2015


MP3 Labour Leader Andrew Little

MP3, 11m28s, 10.5MB, first broadcast 26 May 2015

Max and Vince discuss the current situation of NZ politics with labour leader Andrew Little. PERMALINK

bNews Volunteers

If you've got important news, send an email to the News & Ed Director. The 95bFM News team will digest and redistribute it, enabling us to broadcast it to the world.

95bFM wants you..

Talented? Frustrated? If you are serious about news and smart enough to prove it, 95bFM wants to give you a reason for living.

We're looking for the right sorts for backdoor news gathering, current affairs producing and on-air reporting as part of 95bFM's volunteer editorial team.

Prior experience is not a prerequisite - full training will be provided if you look like you can use it. A minimum time commitment will be required of all trainees.

Please contact our News and Editorial Director on 09 309 4831 to obtain an application form.