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95bFM Breakfast.

A selection of interviews and highlights from Breakfast (airs weekdays 6 - 9am) in MP3 format. To listen, use one of the players listed here.

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MP3, 11m40s, 10.7MB, first broadcast 7 July 2015

Joseph and the Breakfast Team detail the weirder side of current affairs, including grammatically incorrect parking fines, hugely expensive littering fees, troubling flights for overseas actors and Foreign Accent Syndrome - what... READ MORE

MP3 Matt Davis of Flying Out

MP3, 7m31s, 6.9MB, first broadcast 7 July 2015

Matt joins Max and Vince in the Breakfast studio to discuss local label Flying Out's Stockroom Series - live performances happening in their new Pitt St store. PERMALINK

MP3 Labour Leader Andrew Little

MP3, 11m23s, 10.4MB, first broadcast 7 July 2015

Max and Vince chat with Andrew about the TPPA and the new cyber-bullying law. PERMALINK

MP3 Vince's Vincent Street Verdicts

MP3, 10m24s, 9.5MB, first broadcast 7 July 2015

Vince, Max and Ellen discuss the credibility of online scam victims. Should we sympathise? PERMALINK

MP3 Green Party co-leader Metiria Turei

MP3, 14m18s, 13.1MB, first broadcast 6 July 2015

Metiria joins Max and Vince over the phone to discuss the TPPA and the price of milk. PERMALINK

MP3 The Spinoff w Alex Casey

MP3, 9m58s, 9.1MB, first broadcast 6 July 2015

Staff writer at thespinoff.co.nz Alex joins Max and Vince to discuss what's happening on the small screen - including Come Dine With Me NZ's questionable cultural representations and how True Detective season... READ MORE

MP3 Interview with Chris Moukarbel director of Banksy Does New York

MP3, 11m25s, 10.4MB, first broadcast 6 July 2015

Max chats with documentary filmmaker Chris Moukarbel about his forthcoming work based around the mysterious artists Banksy's 31-day residency in New York. PERMALINK

MP3 Lifewise Big Sleep Out

MP3, 6m42s, 6.1MB, first broadcast 3 July 2015

News Director Anna Bracewell-Worrell and Morning Glory host Esther MacIntyre join Max and Vince to discuss their experience taking part in the Lifewise Big Sleep Out the previous night. PERMALINK

MP3 Travelling Tunes w/ Dr Kirsten Zemke

MP3, 20m13s, 18.5MB, first broadcast 3 July 2015

This week 95bFM's resident ethnomusicologist Dr Kirsten Zemke details the music of Liverpool. PERMALINK

MP3 Political Commentary w. Bryce Edwards

MP3, 12m19s, 11.3MB, first broadcast 3 July 2015

Max and Vince are joined by lecturer in Politics at the University of Otago, Bryce Edwards to discuss the potential price of a flag referendum and what's going on in NZ First. PERMALINK

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If you've got important news, send an email to the News & Ed Director. The 95bFM News team will digest and redistribute it, enabling us to broadcast it to the world.

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Prior experience is not a prerequisite - full training will be provided if you look like you can use it. A minimum time commitment will be required of all trainees.

Please contact our News and Editorial Director on 09 309 4831 to obtain an application form.