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MP3 Henry Rollins, Dec 23 2012

MP3, 13m54s, 12.7MB, first broadcast 13 January 2012

Henry Rollins talks with/to/at troy about some of the places he has visited recently -- Cuba, Haiti, and North Korea -- and gives his first-hand iimpressions of the various challenges facing the... READ MORE

MP3 Deerhoof's Greg Saunier

MP3, 20m26s, 18.7MB, first broadcast 6 January 2012

Deerhoof's drummer, percussionist, & producer par excellence drops by the bFM studio during the band's third visit to NZ. PERMALINK

MP3 Dum Dum Girls hosting on 95bFM

MP3, 110m44s, 101.4MB, first broadcast 5 January 2012

Dee Dee, Jules & Sandy of Dum Dum Girls host a 2 hour radio show with music entirely of their own choosing and increasingly professional voice breaks as the show progresses.... PERMALINK

MP3 Steve Ignorant

MP3, 8m07s, 7.4MB, first broadcast 3 June 2011

Cameron talks with Steve Ignorant from punk band Crass ahead of his Last Supper tour. PERMALINK

MP3 Gary Numan

MP3, 49m17s, 45.1MB, first broadcast 20 May 2011

A pioneer of commercial electronic music, Gary Numan joins Troy Ferguson for an extended studio interview! **Songs have been omitted for copyright issues. PERMALINK

MP3 Poly Styrene

MP3, 12m11s, 11.2MB, first broadcast 1 April 2011

Pennie Black of Bloody Sunday Drive talks to Poly Styrene of XRay Spex about her new album Generation Indigo – the state of the world, sneakers & spirituality. PERMALINK

MP3 Interview with Gary Numan

MP3, 16m24s, 37.5MB, first broadcast 11 March 2011

Pennie has a chat with Gary Numan ahead of his much-anticipated show at the ASB Theatre in Auckland on 21 May. PERMALINK

MP3 Dale Crover from The Melvins

MP3, 24m30s, 5.6MB, first broadcast 21 February 2011

Sarin speaks to Dale Crover from American rock band the Melvins, shortly after their arrival in New Zealand in advance of their show at Whammy Bar. PERMALINK

MP3 Kody & Bic

MP3, 12m25s, 11.4MB, first broadcast 26 November 2010

Kody Nielson and Bic Runga join Troy in the studio to discuss "Kody & Bic", their new group, and the forthcoming Bic Runga LP that Kody is producing/co-writing/playing on. PERMALINK

MP3 Michael Gira of Swans

MP3, 13m00s, 3MB, first broadcast 12 November 2010

Troy speaks to Michael Gira about the reactivation of Swans and the new record "My Father Will Guide Me Up A Rope To The Sky". PERMALINK

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