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Morning Glory

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Every weekday from 9 till 12 with Esther MacIntyre - a daily lifestyle magazine programme featuring everything you could ever ask for.

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MP3 Food Glorious Food

MP3, 10m07s, 2.3MB, first broadcast 15 September 2014

Jono Clarke is on the phone to talk about the delicious and versatile lentil. PERMALINK

MP3 Music From A While Or A Bit Ago - SJD

MP3, 20m45s, 4.8MB, first broadcast 15 September 2014

Music from a while or a bit ago-o-o this week looks at the album Southern Lights by Auckland artist SJD, celebrating 10 years of being dope! PERMALINK

MP3 Mike Hadreas of Perfume Genius

MP3, 10m15s, 2.3MB, first broadcast 15 September 2014

Esther speaks to Mike Hadreas about his solo act Perfume Genius and his third album Too Bright, coming out this Friday 19 September PERMALINK

MP3 Natural Ange

MP3, 9m35s, 2.2MB, first broadcast 15 September 2014

All natural answers to your health questions from Natural Ange! PERMALINK

MP3 J Mascis

MP3, 5m21s, 4.9MB, first broadcast 12 September 2014

J Mascis (Dinosaur Jr) has released his third solo album 'Tied To A Star' and it features some beautifully mellow tunes, including 'Wide Awake' ft. Chan Marshall (Cat Power). J joins Esther... READ MORE

MP3 NOBUNNY live performance!

MP3, 12m54s, 11.8MB, first broadcast 12 September 2014

The anonymous rapscallion rabbit NOBUNNY joins Esther in studio prior to his show tonight at Whammy Bar with The Hussy! Support from Dad Jokes and Perfect Hair Forever - tix from UTR PERMALINK

MP3 Fancy New Band: Dyaltov

MP3, 15m33s, 3.6MB, first broadcast 12 September 2014

Sam from Dyaltov joins us in studio and plays a few songs including the new single "Interactions". PERMALINK

MP3 Eat Here Now with Simon Farrell-Green

MP3, 7m56s, 1.8MB, first broadcast 12 September 2014

Simon Farrell-Green joins us to answer some of your questions. PERMALINK

MP3 Interview with Sam (Shapeshifters) and Jeremy (The Upbeats)

MP3, 13m51s, 3.2MB, first broadcast 11 September 2014

Sam Trevethick from the Shapeshifters and Jeremy Glenn of The Upbeats are in studio today to talk about their newest collaboration "SSXUB" (Shapeshifters versus The Upbeats). Ester asks them about their time... READ MORE

MP3 Who Arted?

MP3, 8m49s, 2MB, first broadcast 11 September 2014

The sheer number of art listings cannot be contained! Get into the know about Auckland art and culture with Ester on "Who Arted?". PERMALINK

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