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Morning Glory

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Every weekday from 9 till 12 with Esther MacIntyre - a daily lifestyle magazine programme featuring everything you could ever ask for.

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MP3 Anniversary Albums

MP3, 18m37s, 17.1MB, first broadcast 25 May 2015

The Chills w/ Submarine Bells (1990) PERMALINK

MP3 Food Glorious Food

MP3, 7m55s, 7.2MB, first broadcast 25 May 2015

Thanks to the Luscious food store!! PERMALINK

MP3 Natural Ange

MP3, 14m50s, 13.6MB, first broadcast 25 May 2015

Thanks to Sleep Drops!! PERMALINK

MP3 Interview with Director and Cast of I Survived A Zombie Holocaust

MP3, 8m08s, 7.4MB, first broadcast 22 May 2015

Esther talks to Director Guy Pigden and Actor Harley Neville about their new film, I Survived A Zombie Holocaust PERMALINK

MP3 Fancy New Band: SoccerPractise

MP3, 15m19s, 14MB, first broadcast 22 May 2015

Fancy New Band thanks to New Zealand On Air Music: SoccerPractice, who are playing in the Fancy New Band show case on the 23 May PERMALINK

MP3 Eat Here Now with Simon Farrell-Green

MP3, 8m26s, 7.7MB, first broadcast 22 May 2015

Eat Here Now with Simon Farrell Green (Thanks to Odyssey Wines) PERMALINK

MP3 95bFM Book Club

MP3, 14m35s, 13.4MB, first broadcast 21 May 2015

95bFM book club with Charlotte Reid, Joseph Harper and Anna Bracewell-Worrall talking about 'The Buried Giant' by Kazuo Ishiguro PERMALINK

MP3 Who Arted with Aimee Ralfini

MP3, 12m51s, 11.8MB, first broadcast 21 May 2015

Today, Esther and Aimee talk to the mastermind behind the three month long First World War commemoration project 'We Will Remember Them' taking place at the St David's Church on Khyber Pass... READ MORE

MP3 Miss June

MP3, 16m03s, 14.7MB, first broadcast 20 May 2015

Annabel from Miss June is in the studio with Esther ahead of their EP release at the Kings Arms. PERMALINK

MP3 Dictaphone Blues

MP3, 18m41s, 17.1MB, first broadcast 20 May 2015


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