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Morning Glory

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Every weekday from 9 till 12 with Esther MacIntyre - a daily lifestyle magazine programme featuring everything you could ever ask for.

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MP3 Who Arted

MP3, 14m56s, 13.7MB, first broadcast 19 March 2015

Who arted, with Aimee Ralfini PERMALINK

MP3 Madman DVD Review

MP3, 8m51s, 8.1MB, first broadcast 18 March 2015

Maria Wells chats to Esther about the Norwegian film "In order of disappearance". PERMALINK

MP3 Feeling The Street

MP3, 14m04s, 12.9MB, first broadcast 18 March 2015

Feeling the Street- Global street music initiative, features Marc Ellis and Kieran. Celebrating global music and buskers, featuring Kieran playing us his tracks! PERMALINK

MP3 Trip Pony

MP3, 11m16s, 10.3MB, first broadcast 18 March 2015

Trip Pony speaks to us and plays us some tunes live on Morning Glory! PERMALINK

MP3 My Morning Mixtape with James Dobson 'Jimmy D clothing'

MP3, 34m05s, 31.2MB, first broadcast 17 March 2015

James Dobson of Jimmy D clothing joins us in the studio ahead of his ten year retrospective show PERMALINK

MP3 This is my real job - Lara Fisher Chisolm

MP3, 11m43s, 10.7MB, first broadcast 17 March 2015

Lara Fisher-Chisolm joins us in studio to introduce her new solo show opening tonight at the Basement PERMALINK

MP3 The Pitching Session With Renee From Powertool

MP3, 21m40s, 29.8MB, first broadcast 17 March 2015

Renee from powertool records pitches new songs for the 95BFM playlist PERMALINK

MP3 Music From A While Or A Bit Ago - Richard Hawley 'Coles Corner'

MP3, 17m20s, 15.9MB, first broadcast 16 March 2015

Esther discusses Richard Hawley's iconic 'Coles Corner' PERMALINK

MP3 Natural Ange

MP3, 13m08s, 12MB, first broadcast 16 March 2015

Ange comes in to enlighten us to the joys of living natural. PERMALINK

MP3 Luscious Foods with Jono

MP3, 7m52s, 7.2MB, first broadcast 16 March 2015

Discover the joy of parsnips PERMALINK

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