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Bright n Urlich

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Bright n Urlich with Peter Urlich. The show airs 9-11am every Saturday morning, right before the 95bFM historical society.

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MP3 MadMan Review

MP3, 7m02s, 1.6MB, first broadcast 23 August 2014

Buffy talks about some cool sports docos that would be great for farthers day. PERMALINK

MP3 Mad Man Review

MP3, 11m08s, 2.5MB, first broadcast 16 August 2014

Buffy talks music docos about Paul Kelly and Nick Cave PERMALINK

MP3 Mad Man Review

MP3, 7m12s, 1.6MB, first broadcast 9 August 2014

Buffy talks to Peter about a popular cartoon Regular Show and a post apocalyptic drama from the 70's. PERMALINK

MP3 MadMan Review 2/8/14

MP3, 7m44s, 1.8MB, first broadcast 2 August 2014

Buffy talks Hitchcock and more with Peter in Saturday's MadMan Review PERMALINK

MP3 Mad Man DVD Review

MP3, 6m14s, 5.7MB, first broadcast 26 July 2014

This week, Buffy heads to the Film Festival! PERMALINK

MP3 Madman Reviews

MP3, 7m47s, 1.8MB, first broadcast 12 July 2014

Buffy from Madman talks to Peter about Richard Ayoade and his two films - 'The Double' which is playing at the NZIFF and his directorial debut, the stunning 'Submarine'. PERMALINK

MP3 Interview with Jeremy from Bedford Soda & Liquor

MP3, 10m53s, 2.5MB, first broadcast 5 July 2014

Peter talks to Jeremy about things happening at Bedford Soda & Liquor and life in general. PERMALINK

MP3 Interview w/ Jeremy from Bedford Soda & Liquor

MP3, 7m10s, 1.6MB, first broadcast 7 June 2014

Peter and Jeremy from Bedford Soda & Liquor talk good food and the coming weeks of June. PERMALINK

MP3 Interview with Rob Warner

MP3, 9m19s, 2.1MB, first broadcast 24 May 2014

Peter talks to Rob Warner DJ and representative of Dance til Dawn, an organisation set up as advocates for Auckland's Clubs and dance music scene, discussing the upcoming Local Alcohol Policy.‚Äč PERMALINK

MP3 Interview with Ethan from Silo Park

MP3, 6m57s, 1.6MB, first broadcast 11 January 2014

Ethan McAulay from Silo Park comes up to talk bout the coming month of activity PERMALINK

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If you've got important news, send an email to the News & Ed Director. The 95bFM News team will digest and redistribute it, enabling us to broadcast it to the world.

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Prior experience is not a prerequisite - full training will be provided if you look like you can use it. A minimum time commitment will be required of all trainees.

Please contact our News and Editorial Director on 09 309 4831 to obtain an application form.