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Saturday Drive

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All your favourite bits from Carnival in Rio.

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MP3 Carnival In Rio - 25th July 2015

MP3, 177m05s, 162.1MB, first broadcast 25 July 2015

Lovely wee show PERMALINK

MP3 Carnival In Rio - 11th July 2015

MP3, 178m30s, 163.4MB, first broadcast 11 July 2015

Another classic show from the men. They didn't write up their playlist, so who the hell knows what's in there. PERMALINK

MP3 Carnival In Rio - Weekly Podcast

MP3, 164m02s, 150.2MB, first broadcast 7 February 2015

Saturday Drive 7th Feb 2015 Prefuse 73 - Busy Signal MIA - Ten Dollar Diplo - Long Way Home Loop - Head On Big Star - Thirteen The Soft Moon - Black... READ MORE

MP3 Carnival In Rio - 27th June 2015

MP3, 176m03s, 161.2MB, first broadcast 27 June 2014

Another great show. PERMALINK

MP3 Snack Report

MP3, 8m59s, 2.1MB, first broadcast 5 April 2014

Carlton Crisp reviews the new range of drinks from Karma Cola. PERMALINK

MP3 Ricky Stratton's Cult TV Flashback - Twin Peaks

MP3, 12m48s, 11.7MB, first broadcast 2 March 2013

This week Ricky talks about one of his top 5 cult TV shows of all time - Twin Peaks PERMALINK

MP3 DVDan - IV with Ant Timpson, Incredibly Strange Film Fest 2011

MP3, 18m03s, 16.5MB, first broadcast 16 July 2011

DVDan applies his grotesque knowledge of film to an interview with New Zealand's own master of thrilling film audiences, Ant Timpson. PERMALINK

MP3 5:Thirsty With Dudes - Habin

MP3, 6m11s, 5.7MB, first broadcast 16 July 2011

Dan and James try Chinese beer Habin. It's pretty stink. PERMALINK

MP3 DVDan - Suckerpunch

MP3, 18m37s, 17MB, first broadcast 9 April 2011

DVDan is joined by Steve Newall to talk about Suckerpunch and other bits of filth, including the Did I Believe It theatre production. PERMALINK

MP3 Test Your Brains

MP3, 11m31s, 10.5MB, first broadcast 9 April 2011

Test Your Brains, win a $50 bar tab from our sponsors... Q: Who was 2011's richest fictional character? Q: The leader of which NZ band has put out a collection of poems... READ MORE

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