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95bFM Historical Society (Archive)

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The bFM Historical Society is a documentary series produced by Dubhead, where bFMers from the past talk about bFM as it was during their tenure.

The full programme includes the former hosts' pick of music defining their respective eras.

The bCasts contain only the spoken portions of the programmes.

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MP3 Ep 40: Debbi Gibbs

MP3, 41m04s, 37.6MB, first broadcast 26 December 2009

Debbi Gibbs 1983 to 1989 Unlike many of the 95bFM Historical Society alumni, Debbi DID in fact graduate - with a degree in architecture. However, she hasn't ever been an architect: instead,... READ MORE

MP3 Ep 39: Steve Simpson

MP3, 37m55s, 34.7MB, first broadcast 12 December 2009

Steve Simpson 1996 to 2006 Does anybody recall when he was Steve "The Jaguar" Simpson on Monday Drive? No? But you remember when he was "Natalie" on Breakfast. Anyhow, Steve was a... READ MORE

MP3 Ep 38: Nice and Urlich

MP3, 27m23s, 25.1MB, first broadcast 28 November 2009

Ep 38: Peter Urlich (1986; 1993 to 2001, 2008 to present) and Bevan Keys (1995 to 2001). I'll never forget whats-is-name...Peter Urlich & Bevan Keys inspired an entire radio station based solely on... READ MORE

MP3 Ep 37: Murray Cammick

MP3, 24m16s, 22.2MB, first broadcast 21 November 2009

How do! Murray was the host of Land of the Good Groove between 1983 and 1993, playing classic soul, modern soul & funk, & early hip-hop at a time when b's airwaves were biased... READ MORE

MP3 Ep 36: Chris Esther

MP3, 24m23s, 22.3MB, first broadcast 14 November 2009

Chris Esther was part of the post-punk generation which transformed Radio b in the early 1980s. He steered the New Zealand Music Show into a territory where what he played was an... READ MORE

MP3 Ep 35: Scott Kelly and Greg Wood

MP3, 46m31s, 42.6MB, first broadcast 7 November 2009

Greg Wood 1992 to 1997, Scott Kelly 1994 to 2000 Scott Kelly and Greg Wood were primarily 95bFM "creatives" -- ie they wrote advertisements -- but their contribution went much further. Sometimes... READ MORE

MP3 Ep 34: Gemma Gracewood

MP3, 39m22s, 36MB, first broadcast 31 October 2009

Ep 34 Gemma Gracewood 1993 to 2000 During the 1990s, Gemma single-handledly reinvented the approach of 95bFM's News & Editorial, taking the station's news content from lifting from the NZ Herald and Time... READ MORE

MP3 Ep 33: DJ Sir Vere

MP3, 33m41s, 30.8MB, first broadcast 24 October 2009

DJ Sir Vere 1991 to 97; 2002 Phil Bell found his way to b via punk rock, and from there to a lifelong record buying addiction. After producing a New Order fanzine... READ MORE

MP3 Ep 32: Jennifer Weather-Centre

MP3, 32m35s, 29.8MB, first broadcast 17 October 2009

Jennifer Weather-Centre 1993 to 2000 Jennifer, oh Jenny... Drawn to 95bFM by a psychic flash, she became a breakfast show shining star across three + different hosts, utilising a saucer and a... READ MORE

MP3 Episode 31: Andrew Black

MP3, 35m32s, 32.5MB, first broadcast 3 October 2009

Andrew Black 1984 to 2007 "No vacuum cleaners!". "I've been here for 15 years". "I have been known to tell callers to burn in hell". There's many quotes from Andrew Black, Wanker;... READ MORE

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