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95bFM Breakfast with Zac.

A selection of interviews and highlights from Breakfast (airs weekdays 6 - 9am) in MP3 format. To listen, use one of the players listed here.

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MP3 Labour Party Leader David Cunliffe

MP3, 7m21s, 6.7MB, first broadcast 21 July 2014

We kick-start the working week with a chat to leader of the opposition, David Cunliffe, about important topics of the day. PERMALINK

MP3 Nimbys with Renee

MP3, 7m39s, 7MB, first broadcast 21 July 2014

Nimby's or Not In My Back Yard: Zac's clued in contacts call in from around the world to give first hand experiences about the latest bands/musicians performing in their home towns. On... READ MORE

MP3 Genre Rules with Kirsten

MP3, 14m27s, 19.9MB, first broadcast 18 July 2014

Kirsten Zemke is in the studio this morning for Genre Rules to talk about a new modern genre of music known as 'Snap.' PERMALINK

MP3 NIMBYs with Josh

MP3, 5m09s, 7.1MB, first broadcast 18 July 2014

Josh Burgess joins Zac on the line from New York to chat about Los Angeles and the Cascine tour with Chad Valley, Lemonade & Yumi Zouma which he has currently been on around... READ MORE

MP3 TV on the Radio

MP3, 4m20s, 1,016.2KB, first broadcast 17 July 2014

TV on the Radio! These guys sift through all the terrible shit on TV so you don't have to! PERMALINK

MP3 Political Commentary with Bryce Edwards

MP3, 8m10s, 1.9MB, first broadcast 17 July 2014

Bryce Edwards talks politics and tells us all about what is happening in the Beehive PERMALINK

MP3 Interview with Eamonn Marra

MP3, 6m59s, 1.6MB, first broadcast 16 July 2014

We hear from Eamonn Marra about his comedy play High Entry on at the Basement Theatre. PERMALINK

MP3 Lawline

MP3, 13m33s, 3.1MB, first broadcast 16 July 2014

All your suspicious legal questions answered by a real life lawyer! PERMALINK

MP3 Brown Town with Len Brown

MP3, 10m27s, 2.4MB, first broadcast 16 July 2014

Len Brown is on the phone to chat local politics and all the stuff he is doing. PERMALINK

MP3 Choice Cuts w. Dariush Lolaiy of Cazador Restaurant

MP3, 6m49s, 6.2MB, first broadcast 15 July 2014


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