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95bFM Breakfast.

A selection of interviews and highlights from Breakfast (airs weekdays 6 - 9am) in MP3 format. To listen, use one of the players listed here.

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MP3 Green Party co-leader Metiria Turei

MP3, 11m39s, 10.7MB, first broadcast 23 March 2015

Green Party co-leader Metiria Turei discusses the SkyCity convention centre and the ''damning'' report on the police handling of the roast busters case. PERMALINK

MP3 Travelling Tunes

MP3, 14m10s, 13MB, first broadcast 20 March 2015

Travelling Tunes w/ Dr Kirsten Zemke PERMALINK

MP3 The Fruit Review -- The Royal Gala

MP3, 5m35s, 5.1MB, first broadcast 20 March 2015

The royal gala apple -- it's pretty good looking, usually a bit of a bargain, but how does it taste? The Fruit Revue with Anna Bracewell-Worrall. PERMALINK

MP3 Loose reads

MP3, 4m25s, 4MB, first broadcast 19 March 2015

Loose Reads with Jenna from Time Out Bookstore. PERMALINK

MP3 Liam Finn Interview

MP3, 7m27s, 6.8MB, first broadcast 19 March 2015

Liam Finn joins Esther and Ellen in the studio. PERMALINK

MP3 Political Commentary

MP3, 10m13s, 9.4MB, first broadcast 19 March 2015

David Slack talks to Anna B-W about the Feed The Kids bill. PERMALINK

MP3 Lawline with Edwin Telle of Nielson Lawyers

MP3, 12m56s, 11.8MB, first broadcast 18 March 2015

Lawline featuring Edwin Telle of Nielson lawyers speaking to callers seeking his expertise. PERMALINK

MP3 Deputy Mayor Penny Hulse

MP3, 9m54s, 9.1MB, first broadcast 18 March 2015

Deputy Mayor Penny Hulse is on the line with the breakfast team. PERMALINK

MP3 Rhys Mathewson presents...

MP3, 5m49s, 5.3MB, first broadcast 17 March 2015

Rhys Mathewson brings you some comedy from across the globe PERMALINK

MP3 Weird News

MP3, 8m27s, 7.7MB, first broadcast 16 March 2015

This week in weird news Tony Abbott eats a raw onion with the skin! Someone does a poo on a plane that stinks so badly it turns the plane back home, and... READ MORE

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