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The Monday Wire
Mon, 12-1 PM

Gary Farrow

Gary Farrow hosts the Monday Wire each week - with producer Maddie Farman at his side - asking the questions a potential patsy would certainly value hearing answered.

Every Monday Wire features 'The Southern Cross' - our Pacific news segment - along with many other newsworthy nuggets.


Greens Suggest Property Surcharge on Foreign Buyers
Gary speaks with Green Party co-leader Russel Norman about his party's suggestion that foreign buyers of New Zealand property should be subjected to a surcharge or tax.

Jacinda Ardern on Child Poverty
Producer Maddie Farman speaks with Labour MP Jacinda Ardern regarding Social Development Minister Paula Bennett's stance on child poverty following a UNICEF report.

West Papuan Freedom Fighter
West Papuan independence leader Benny Wenda joins Gary in the studio during his visit to New Zealand to promote his cause, after an Interpol red notice against him was lifted.

New Zealand Road Safety Week
Producer Maddie Farman reverses the roles and has a chat with host Gary Farrow about his role as a New Zealand Road Safety Spokesperson.