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Tuesday, 30 June 2015

  • Kings Arms Quiz at Kings Arms

  • Rackets Acoustic album release show at Golden Dawn w/ DJ Anna Loveys

  • Rackets at Revel Cafe (2.30pm)

  • Rackets at Western Springs College

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

  • Circling Sun Live at Ponsonby Social Club with DJ Slave

  • The Billy at Neck of the Woods with Shit Knees + friends

  • Gin Wigmore at Kings Arms

  • ¡recuerde! & Nigel Wright at Golden Dawn w/ DJ Droszkhi

  • Beth Selling at Tuning Fork w/ Louise Beuvink

  • Alex Bowen at Wine Cellar

  • Rackets at The Roof Opposite St Kevins Arcade

  • Rackets at Aio Wera Centr

  • Rackets at Massey High School

  • Rackets at The Beer Fountain

Thursday, 2 July 2015

  • Open Mic for Weirdos at Kings Arms

  • Purity, Guard Your Hearts, Barracks, and more at Kings Arms

  • Klassix at Bedford Soda & Liquor

  • Occupational Therapy at Ponsonby Social Club with Stevie Oxton, Andy JV & Dylan C.

  • Bai Leaves at Neck of the Woods with Bailey Wiley, SuperVillains (RMC), Third3ye, and more

  • The Celtic Connection at Grand Central

  • Bones-Thugs-N-Harmony at Powerstation

  • Bic Runga & Tiny Ruins at The Civic Wintergarden

  • Art Ache at Golden Dawn followed by DJ Peter Mac

  • New Gum Sarn album release at Whammy w/ Civil Union, Sere and The Echo Ohs

  • The Alpha Sessions at Matterhorn Auckland w/ Ladi6

  • Rackets at Britomart (noon)

  • Rackets at Devonport Ferry (2pm)

  • Rackets at Takapuna Grammar (3pm)

Friday, 3 July 2015

  • God Bows To Math, Black Science, & Humaniser at UFO

  • Strangely Arousing, Harvey Knows a Killer, DJ Sulu and more at Kings Arms

  • Selecta Sam at Bedford Soda & Liquor

  • Dzz1 Album Release Party at Ponsonby Social Club with support from Parks & Dylan C.

  • Good Night at Neck of the Woods with Mac Major, Katana, Nick Maclaren and Jordache.

  • Thin White Lines, Skinny Hobos, Coridian , Beard of Walrus at Dogs Bollix

  • Glass Vaults + Benny’s Videos + DJs Lucy Clarke + Anthony Metcalf at Golden Dawn

  • Rackets at Real Groovy (12.30pm)

  • Rackets at Vic Skate Park (3pm)

  • Rackets at Old Folks Association Hall w/ Heroes For Sale and White Out Boy

  • Rough Cut Gems at Ink

  • The Klaus Kinskis, Invisible Threads, Yolanda Fagan at Lucha Lounge

  • Radioglo, This Flight tonight. & Conrad Roberts. at Juice Bar

Saturday, 4 July 2015

  • Disco Volante, Dean, and The Biscuits at The Wine Cellar

  • Rackets album release show at Kings Arms

  • Nigel Love & Dam G at Bedford Soda & Liquor

  • Killamanraro & Friends at Ponsonby Social Club with support from Sam.E

  • The Hit It and Quit It Reunion at Neck of the Woods with Frank Booker, Recloose, The Harmoniser, and Leonard Charles

  • Machina Rex, Yung Nat$, Parents, Contenders, & Caroles at Lucha Lounge

  • Deep Hard ‘n Funky at Ellerslie Event Centre

  • Swampland, The Hollowmen and Kamakazi Survivors Club at Whammy

  • Kane Strang Band at Golden Dawn w/ Fazerdaze + DJs Yolanda Fagan + Andrew Tidball

  • Totems, The Basement Tapes, Skymning, & more at Cassette

  • Disco Volate + Dean And The Biscuits at Wine Cellar

Sunday, 5 July 2015

  • Hopetoun Brown at Leigh Sawmill

  • Sunday Jazz at Golden Dawn w/ The Circling Sun + DJ Gianmarco Liguori

  • The Barrow Brass Band at Hallertau

  • Wellington Sea Shanty Society at Freida Margolis

  • Strangely Arousing, Albi And The Wolves, Harvey Knows A Killer + DJ Sulu at Kings Arms

  • Folk At The Old Folks at Old Folks Association Hall

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