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Orcon IRL at Golden Dawn: The Election One

Kia ora! We're staging one of our Orcon IRL talk events at Golden Dawn from 4pm to 7pm on Sunday, August 13.

We're only weeks away from New Zealand's 2017 general election – are we, too, headed for upsets, ignomy and interesting times? Join Russell Brown, Ximena Smith and Jogai  Bhatt as they quiz leaders, MPs, candidates and the odd journalist about how it's all shaping up. And because dancing is as important as talking, we'll have music from DJ Josh Hetherington and a special musical guest. There will also be Welsh rarebit available.

Keep an ear to 95bFM and an eye on this page over the next few days for the full line-up. The venue isn't a big one so get in on your RSVP here.

If you do miss out, or you're not in Auckland, be assured that you'll be able to catch it all live on 95bFM's HD stream. On the internet.