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Wide-scale Wellington train strikes

Wide-scale Wellington train strikes Wide-scale Wellington train strikes, 21.41 MB
Thu 14 Dec 2017

Train workers in Wellington will strike for 24 hours starting early Thursday morning, over longstanding contract conditions.

This will be the largest industrial action taken on the railways of Wellington since 1994 and up to 30,000 rail passengers are likely to be effected.

This is not the first strike in recent times over this issue, with a two hour strike having taken place in during October this year.

Rail and Maritime Transport Union General Secretary, Wayne Butson, told Radio New Zealand that industrial action was the only alternative after months of negotiations..

Reuben McLaren spoke to Wayne Butson to find out more.


This Weeks Bits: Sunday, 26th of November, 2017

This Weeks Bits: Sunday, 26th of November, 2017 This Weeks Bits: Sunday, 26th of November, 2017, 27.1 MB
Sun 26 Nov 2017

Hannah gives you the low down on the best bFM news bits of the week. 

Cross Party Agreement? Shock and Horror.

Cross Party Agreement? Shock and Horror. , 12.04 MB
Fri 24 Nov 2017

After Andrew Becroft's call for cross party support on finding a solution for child poverty in New Zealand many organization expressed support. Andrea Jamison from Action for Youth And Children Aotearoa on how excited they are to hear this support from government and opposition parties.


Africa's technology leapfrog

Africa's technology leapfrog Africa's technology leapfrog, 17.12 MB
Fri 24 Nov 2017

In our digital climate, we often overlook Africa as a leader in technology. Kelly asks Rory Moore from Accenture in South Africa to explain how this leapfrogging effect is occuring and what we can expect from the continent. 

Andrew Becroft on the Oranga Tamariki Act

Andrew Becroft on the Oranga Tamariki Act Andrew Becroft on the Oranga Tamariki Act, 19.84 MB
Thu 23 Nov 2017

Lachlan spoke with Children's Commissioner Judge Andrew Becroft about his recent address to Te Hunga Rōia Māori o Aotearoa (New Zealand Māori Law Society) Conference regarding the Oranga Tamariki Act.

The Wire with Harry: Thursday 23rd November

The Wire with Harry: Thursday 23rd November The Wire with Harry: Thursday 23rd November, 125.77 MB
Thu 23 Nov 2017

On today's Wire, Lachlan talks with Children's Comissioner Judge Andrew Becroft about changes to the Oranga Tamaraki Act.

Harry speaks to Borni Te Rongopai Tukiwaho, about an upcoming festival which looks to reduce the stigma surrounding HIV/AIDS.

We've also got regular feature State of the States with Nick Sawhney, about planned changes to net neutrality.

Finally we have This Day in History: Ronald Reagan, National Security Decision Directive 17 and the Iran-Contra Affair.

Artist Raukura Turei on her show SELF and how she got there

Raukura Turei Raukura Turei, 20.16 MB
Wed 22 Nov 2017

Raukura Turei, of Ngaitai ki Tāmaki and Ngā Rauru is a registered architect who has found her visual art practice a powerful tool to clearly communicate ideas without the constraints found in architecture. Turei is about to launch her first ever solo exhibition in a gallery.

Currently she has a show at Objectspace but at the beginning of next month, her own show, titled Self is her way of giving back to women around her. It offers an intimate reflection of the body, and on our embodied relationships to space and each other. The works are a cathartic meditation saturated in the female form, sitting between self expansion and self obsession.

I spoke with her for quite a long time about how she came to be an artist as well as an architect and how these works came about. If you want to hear the full interview, check out the bcasts on our website. For now, here’s a section from the interview where she tells us about the show at Objectspace, her more recent influences, and the upcoming show.

The Wire with Lillian: Wednesday 22nd November

Wednesday Wire Wednesday Wire, 104.93 MB
Wed 22 Nov 2017

On the wire today, Allan Blackman tells us how dogs can add years to a human's life, discusses what a head transplant is as opposed to a body transplant, and whether Chuck Norris will win in the courts.

Tracey Martin from NZ First tells us about their position on the newly adjusted CPTPPA and her response to the Green Party's accidental email last week. 

The West Coast Regional Council and Buller District Council today granted resource consent for the approximately 150 hectare opencast coal mine, Jen Miller from Forest and Bird tells us why this is a bad idea. 

Raukura Turei is an architect and an artist, her first solo exhibition in a gallery, SELF, opens next month. We hear about the show and her influences. 

Annabelle Lee is executive producer of The Hui and has a chat with Lillian Hanly about working toward more accurate and empathetic journalism.

Responsible and Respectful Broadcasting

Responsible Reporting Responsible Reporting, 14.84 MB
Wed 22 Nov 2017

Annabelle Lee is the executive producer of The Hui, a current affairs programme that has been recognised for its careful reporting of issues that are sensationalised in other newsrooms for the reaction that they will get.

News reports over the past few weeks following the league game between Tonga and Samoa dealt with the game and the following celebrations with heated and aggressive language, almost encouraging certain racist responses through the perpetuation of certain stereotypes. Last week Sam Smith interviewed Ben Ross about those stereotypes, particularly to do with South Auckland.

Today, we hear from Annabelle about her thoughts on the implications of such language and the imbalance in reporting of different people from different reporters. I started by asking her what her response was to the reports of the league game and we spoke extensively about what reporters can do to shift this culture in mainstream newsrooms.

Weed killer causing antibiotic resistance

Weed killer causing antibiotic resistance Weed killer causing antibiotic resistance , 25.79 MB
Tue 21 Nov 2017

A new study out of the University of Canterbury has found a worrying link between the use of weed killers and antibiotic resistance.

Reuben McLaren speaks to a co-author of the study, Professor Jack Heinemann, to find out more.