95bFM & Live Nation Presents Elbow

Saturday 1 November @ The Powerstation One of England’s finest bands, ELBOW will showcase their sublime sound and grace in an intoxicating live performance when they return to New Zealand in November to perform at The Powerstation in Auckland. MORE

95bFM & NZ on Air Music Presents bANG!

Going Global Music Summit 2014

95bFM & Vendetta Films Presents Palo Alto

95bFM & Whitepaper Present Courtney Barnett

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Calm Before The Storm, 9-11 PM

Sam Swan

Featured DJ

Sam Swan

Sam made the exodus from Christchurch & RDU post-quake, and we welcomed him with open arms here at Radio Bosom. While he works in the office during the day, he sacrifices his Saturday night to bring you the best of bass culture on Smokers Delight 2.0 (9-11pm).

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