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Artbank: 20 May 2018

Artbank 20th May Artbank 20th May, 102.84 MB
Sun 20 May 2018

This week Hannah Valentine, Scarlett Cibilich and Sarah Callesen are in studio chatting to Rachel about their projects included in this year's Art Fair. We also have an interview with Tokyo based artist Taro Shinoda about his  project Lunar Reflection Transmission Technique

Artbank: 13 May 2018

Artbank May 13.mp3 mp3, 88.96 MB
Sun 13 May 2018

This week Remco de Blaaij, the new Director of Artspace on Karangahape Rd is in studio to chat about Most Thing Happen When I Am Asleep, on for one more week at the gallery. 

Artbank: 6 May 2018

Artbank 6 May .mp3 mp3, 96.74 MB
Sun 6 May 2018

Ron Gallipoli, the 2018 Winter Artist in Residence at the Audio Foundation is up this week ahead of the launch of BLACK LANTERN CIRCLE III: The Tooth and The Tree this friday 11th May at the Audio Foundation, ka rawe! 

Artbank: 29th April 2018

Artbank 29 April 2018 .mp3 mp3, 97.05 MB
Sun 29 Apr 2018

This week we speak to Kathryn Aucamp and Gyorgika Farrelly, two Elam Fine Arts Students who have exhibitions on at the two Elam student galleries in response to the proposed closure of the Fine Arts Library and Creative Arts libraries at Auckland University. Kathryn's In An Attempt to Disguise a Door at Projectspace is a personal response to the emotional weight and labour of finding oneself fighting a faceless institution. Gyorgika represents a group of 11 second year students in their collaborative group show WOWee. The show celebrates the possibilties of community that spaces of collabortive learning like the Elam library can engender. Wowee is on at The George Fraser for one more week. On friday a group of 89 students peacefully occupied the Fine Arts library as a symbolic act of protection for the space and communities attached to it. On monday 30th April AUSA is holding a public rally against Library closures at the Univeristy of Auckland.

Artbank: 22 April 2018

Artbank 22 April.mp3 mp3, 102.47 MB
Sun 22 Apr 2018

Lucy Meyle is in this week to chat about her exhibition 'does a flower rehearse for spring', on now at St Paul ST Gallery three. Plus we keep you up to date with whats happening in art around Tāmaki-Makaurau and the #savefineartslibrary campiagn 

Artbank: 15 April 2018

Artbank 15 April .mp3 mp3, 111.17 MB
Sun 15 Apr 2018

First up this week Connor Crawford and Diva Ford chat to us about their collaborative exhibition You Saw Sound, I heard Colour opening this friday at Lowtide space, then Erena Shingade chats to us about issue 8 of Minarets poetry journal launcing on the 28th of April! Plus we update you on the #savefineartslibrary campaign: you can send your thoughts about the proposed closure of the Fine Arts Library at Elam to

Artbank: 8 April 2018

Artbank 8 April 2018.mp3 mp3, 106.7 MB
Sun 8 Apr 2018

Painter Claudia Edwards speaks about her upcoming exhibition Mother Daughter on Hiatus at Sanderson Contemporary Art Gallery. Plus Rachel spoke earlier in the week to writer Marian Evans about This Joyous, Chaotic place: He Waiata Tangi-ā-Tahu, an exhibition about the life and work of poet Heather McPhearson on at Mokopōpaki space on Krd. Also we talk about the proposed closure of Elam School of Fine Arts Library: if you want to have your opinion heard email the Elam Students' Association 

Artbank: 1 April 2018

Sam Longmore Artbank.mp3 mp3, 110.63 MB
Sun 1 Apr 2018

Sam Longmore from the Audio Foundation talks to us about German experimental sound composer Hanno Leichtmann, who is performing at the audio Foundation on Friday 6th April presented by Audio Foundation and the Goethe Institut NZ.

Artbank: 25 March 2018

andrew clifford artbank .mp3 mp3, 76.27 MB
Sun 25 Mar 2018

Andrew Clifford, Director of Te Uru Waitakere Contemporary Gallery, is in studio this week to talk about From Scratch 546 Moons, on at the gallery until May.

Artbank: 18 March 2018

Jim Speers.mp3 mp3, 116.57 MB
Sun 18 Mar 2018

Auckland based artist Jim Speers is in studio this week, speaking to us about Feild Recordings, a group exhibition by the artist collective of the same name currently on at St Paul St Gallery. Feild Recordings is made up of the artists Guo Zixuan, Li Xiaofei, Tu Rapana Neill, Jim Speers and Clinton Watkins.